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What You Need To Know If You Ignore Your Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

The low tire pressure warning light is a safety feature on your car. It can tell you that one or more of your tires underinflate. If ignored, these problems may even cause an accident.

A warning light will flash on your dashboard if a tire deflates or a loss in pressure occurs above 25%. If no warning lights appear, but you still feel something isn't right about how your car handles or drives -- check your tires.

Here are what can happen if you ignore your low tire pressure warning light:

Your Tires Could Wear Unevenly

If you ignore your tire pressure warning light, the tire will likely become underinflated. Underinflated tires can wear unevenly, leading to blowouts and other dangerous situations. It's also possible that your tire could blow out while you're driving at high speeds.

You Could End Up With a Flat

You may think that you've got the tire pressure thing under control, but it's essential to check your tire pressure regularly. If you don't, there's a chance that one of these things could happen:

  • You can get a flat tire. It is probably the most common and obvious result of low tire pressure. A flat will prevent your car from being able to move forward or backward. It also means having to call someone else for help reinflating the tire.

  • You can get a blowout driving at high speeds on highways or other busy roads.

Your Fuel Economy Could Go Down

Ignoring your low tire pressure warning light could lead to a drop in fuel economy. When tires underinflate, the vehicle will work harder than usual. It means using more gas when you don't need it.

In other words, you're wasting gas unnecessarily and driving inefficiently by not checking tire pressure regularly. To get back on track with fuel efficiency, check your tires' air pressure every time you fill up or change oil at the mechanic's shop (or anywhere else).

You should always check your tires. If you need tire repair, bring your vehicle to Pro Drive today!

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