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What Causes Brake Rotors to Warp?

When you press your vehicle's brake pedal, several components start working together to bring your car to a stop. One of them is the brake rotor. Every wheel has one rotor mounted to it, and they spin together. When braking, your rotors are slowed down by making contact with the brake pads.

Just like all other parts in your vehicle, rotors are prone to damage. While a fully broken one is very uncommon, it can be bent. There are a couple of causes that can result in warped rotors, and here you will find some of them.

Overheating And Hard Braking

When the calipers are activated, the brake pads clamp down on the rotors, slowing down the wheels. This results in a lot of friction and heat. If they overheat, the metal starts to warp and bend. Even the slightest change in shape is permanent and unfixable. Other causes of excessive heat are hard braking and stop-and-go traffic.

Not Implementing Cleaning Habits

While it is not on the top of our maintenance list, proper brake system cleaning is mandatory. The build-up of debris and, sometimes, oil can lead to warping. Make sure to have your vehicle's brakes, rotors, and calipers cleaned from time to time.

Factory Defects

Sometimes, owners aren't responsible for their vehicles' problems. You have to keep in mind that a factory defect is also possible. If it goes unnoticed while the mechanics mount the rotor, you'll have a slightly uncomfortable ride. We advise you to have it checked in a repair shop before it gets worse.

Normal Wear Over Time

The rotors can warp and wear down over time by their constant use. Friction damages the surface unevenly and can cause areas to have more or less metal on them. If you are uncertain of your rotors' age, the owner's manual has suggested intervals for maintenance. Despite that, your best option is to visit a local auto shop for a professional opinion.

While causes can vary, we can assure you of one thing. Warped rotors can result in a shaky, unpleasant, and dangerous ride, so have them checked regularly.

For professional rotor and brake system repairs, contact Pro Drive today.

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