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Summer Car Storage Tips: Keeping Your Vehicle Safe and Sound

There are times you might not need your car during summer. It may be due to travel plans or other activities. You should store your car well to keep it safe during this time.

Tips for Safe Keeping of Your Vehicle

These essential tips will help keep your vehicle safe:

1. Find a Suitable Location

Consider finding a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A garage or covered parking area is ideal as it provides protection against extreme temperatures and UV rays, which can cause paint fading.

2. Clean Thoroughly

Before storing your vehicle, give it a thorough cleaning inside and out. Remove debris or food particles that could attract pests or cause damage over time. Apply wax to protect the exterior surface from dust accumulation.

3. Inflate Tires and Disconnect Battery

Inflate your tires to their recommended pressure level before placing your vehicle in storage, as under-inflated tires can develop flat spots over time. Disconnecting the battery or using a battery maintainer or charger will also help prevent draining and potential damage.

4. Fuel Stabilization

Add fuel stabilizer to your tank before storing the vehicle for an extended period - this prevents fuel degradation and varnish buildup within the engine system.

5. Fluid Check and Change

Ensure all fluids (engine oil, coolant, brake fluid) are at appropriate levels before storage; consider changing them if they are due soon.

6. Protect Against Pests

Place mothballs or cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil inside your vehicle to deter unwanted visitors. Additionally, seal any openings, such as exhaust pipes and air intakes, with plastic bags to prevent critters from entering.

7. Cover Up

Invest in a high-quality car cover that provides breathability while protecting against dust, pollen, and scratches. Ensure the cover fits properly and securely to avoid potential damage caused by flapping in the wind.


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