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Signs You Need Suspension Repair

The suspension system is a critical part of your vehicle's functionality. It keeps all the wheels on the ground, making your ride smooth and braking easy. However, because of its various mechanical responsibility, it's prone to different problems and shocks.

How Do You know It's Time for Suspension Repairs?

Wear and tear associated with your vehicle's system and regular use may impact your suspension system. Unless you are a car expert, you may not know when the suspension needs repair. But there are pointers that it's time for repairs. Be on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs.

Your Car Drifts to One Side When Driving
A faulty suspension causes your car to drift to one side while driving, even on flat surfaces. This is usually a common sign of a failing suspension. Uneven tire pressure may also cause drifting, but if it's intense, check your suspension system.

Your Ride is No longer Smooth
When you begin feeling every bump and hole on the ground, your suspension may need repair. Usually, worn-out struts and shocks are likely the problems. Regardless of the road surface, a bumpy ride is the most common sign that your suspension is faulty.

Slower Braking or Nose-diving
If you notice your car dips down or still moves forward when you brake, the shocks and struts may be worn out. When you brake, your vehicle should respond quickly. If it fails, have your suspension system inspected.

Uneven Tire Tread Wear
Since the suspension system keeps your ride smooth, your tire treads have an even wear. But when your suspension is faulty, the tire treads wear unevenly. A problematic suspension causes your car to bounce more, and as the tires bounce, they also develop smooth patches due to uneven wear and tear.

Steering is Harder
Another sign of a suspension needing repair is when the steering becomes harder or stiffer, especially when turning. You may also hear unusual sounds when turning the steering wheel. A damaged suspension affects your steering, causing drifting due to difficulty controlling and turning.

While it's recommended to have your suspension system replaced every 50,000 miles, these indicators will help you notice potential issues. When you see these signs and need your suspension fixed, bring your car to Pro Drive today.


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