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Do I Need A New Timing Belt?

All vehicles have timing belts, which is an essential piece of your engine that keeps it running in sync. After many years of use, the timing belt will wear out and need to be replaced. It's important to know when your automaker recommends changing your timing belt because you don't want it to snap or break unexpectedly. If the timing belt gets to that point, it will require lots of expensive repairs later on.


Replacing a timing belt before it is needed is highly important for vehicle owners. Some manufacturers suggest replacing it as early as 60,000, while others say it can go beyond 100K miles. Although the numbers vary slightly between every vehicle's make and model, you can ask your mechanic to check your belt at every service interval. 


There are several tell-tale warning signs that suggest your timing belt is over-exhausted. If you notice your car suddenly emits excess exhaust smoke, you should have your engine, exhaust, and timing belt checked out. Also, if your vehicle doesn't start smoothly or is running inefficiently, it could signify an aging timing belt. 


Over time, the ribbing on the timing belt loses its shape, which may cause incorrect timing of the engine's camshaft and crankshaft. The straps can also get cracked. Additionally, the belt can look overly shiny, which is a sign of glazing.


Because the timing belt plays such a crucial role in the engine operation, you must have it replaced on time. Since it is impossible to repair the timing belt, it must be replaced if it wears prematurely. If you have any concerns about your timing belt, please stop by our auto repair shop today.


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